Noumenal is an elegant and fast 3D modeling app for iOS.

Available today on the App Store.

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Intuitive Direct Multitouch Manipulation

Inspired by VR, it's as if you can reach right through the glass.

Real-time Constructive Solid Geometry

Uses a solid modeling kernel designed from the ground up for high quality graphics, up to 120 times per second.

Real-time Physics

Push 3D shapes into place as if they were real, solid objects using a custom, high performance physics engine.

Automatic Texture Mapping

Noumenal automatically texture maps exported shapes, so they are ready for texture painting using apps such as Procreate.

Export to Common 3D Formats

Noumenal supports USDZ, glTF, and STL formats, in addition to its own lossless compact format (FCT).

3D print-ready STLs

Noumenal produces solid models and can export STLs, ready to print.

Five Minute Demo

Learn More: Watch a five minute demo of Noumenal, where I create a simple model.

You can read the manual, also available in the app.